2019: Cutting Through the Noise

New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wendy Mogel, delivered a convincing presentation on the best practices for communicating with your child from preschool to high school.  Mogel discussed how each age and stage of a child’s life brings new opportunities to connect through language.  She highlighted how tone and cadence, even at a young age, send loud signals to kids.  Dr. Mogel gave a workshop to educators, identifying successful strategies for communicating with parents. Anya Kamenetz, author of The Art of Screen Time delivered a second keynote address providing very practical guidelines for balancing digital media and real life.


2017: How to Raise an Adult

Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of NYT Bestseller How to Raise an Adult and former Dean at Stanford University, offered practical alternative strategies that underline the importance of allowing children to make their own mistakes and develop the resilience, resourcefulness and inner determination necessary for success.  The sold out crowd was riveted to her every word.  Parents attended workshops supporting resiliency in the home.  Professionals attended an afternoon workshop on independence in the classroom and allowing children to stumble and gain the confidence to continue to try again.


2016: Mindfulness & Self-Regulation

Dr. Kristen Race, author of Mindful Parenting spoke about integrating cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology with mindfulness.  She showed how the brain functions under different conditions to help children and families become more resilient to the stresses of modern life.  A full day of workshops with separate tracks for parents and educational professionals on the following day provided actionable and immediate actions to introduce mindfulness and self-regulation into homes and classrooms.


Workshops Included:

  • Educators workshop by Brad Chapin on Self-Regulation
  • What Does Mindfulness Feel Like by Dr. Dael Waxman
  • Mindfulness in Your Home by Dr. Kristen Race



2014: EdX-Education Worth Talking About

EdX was an independently organized event where live speakers will ignite discussion, provoke an investigation of new ideas, and promote sound parenting and educational fundamentals, opening a dialogue for parents and professionals to engage in meaningful and actionable educational techniques; stimulating dialogue to better our Charlotte community.  The program featured three nationally prominent educators:

Ashley Merryman:Co-author of New York Times Best seller NurtureShock-New thinking about children.

Rick Lavoie: author of Motivation Breakthrough and renowned educator.

Barbara Coloroso: Internationally recognized speaker and author in the areas of parenting, teaching, school discipline and non-violent conflict resolution.