2019 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Wendy Mogel, PhD
Author of Voice Lesson for Parents-What to Say, How to Say It and When to Listen

January 30, 2019, Providence Day School 7:30 pm

Dr. Wendy Mogel

Dr. Wendy Mogel is an internationally acclaimed psychologist, author, and public speaker. Publisher’s Weekly gave her—now classic—parenting book, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, a starred review, calling it “impassioned, lyrical and eminently practical…a real treasure.” Her revelatory second release, The Blessing of a B Minus, addresses the challenge of parenting adolescents in a culture of anxiety and entitlement. Publisher’s Weekly raved, “Mogel’s compassion and authenticity will ring true with parents of all faiths facing the tumultuous teen years.” A revised and edition of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, updated for the age of social media and smartphones, was released on July 7, 2017.
Mogel’s third book, due out in 2018, is about cultivating the art of conversation—from infancy to adulthood—in an age of hurry, worry, and digital distraction. In Voice Lessons, Mogel will elaborate on a novel clinical approach she began taking with parents who were struggling with their kids, demonstrating how a shift in tone, tempo, and body language led to a surprising outcome: the children responded by cooperating with greater alacrity, and communicating with more warmth, respect, and sincerity. As the parents found their voices, so did the children. Mogel also addresses an obstacle that flummoxes even the most seasoned and confident parent: the distraction of digital devices, how they impact our connection with our families, and what we can do about it.
Dr. Mogel is known for her enlightening, frank, and deft approach to “parenting” parents by supporting and guiding them in raising their children and coaching them into becoming mature stakeholders in our schools.


Anya Kamenetz
Author of The Art of Screen Time-How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media & Real Life

January 31, 2019, Shalom Park 9:30 am
Lunch is included with all tickets for January 31

Anya Kamenetz offers a fresh take on the evolution of education and learning, with clear ideas about what reforms and actions are necessary to advance workforce training and reduce student debt.

She stoked the national debate on education and the unprecedented economic challenges young people face when she burst onto the scene at age 24 with her debut book, “Generation Debt.” Now, Anya continues to shape the dialogue around education, technology, assessment and achievement as lead education reporter for NPR and author of two subsequent books, including “DIY U” which prompted Huffington Post to name her an ‘Education Game Changer.’
In vibrant presentations filled with insights based on her experience and research, Anya adeptly connects a range of seemingly unrelated issues to make you question everything you thought you knew about intelligence, achievement and success. Her newest book, “The Art of Screen Time” was published in January 2018.

From advances in workforce training, assessment, and effectively identifying talent, to helping students understand and manage debt, and step up to become the next generation of leaders, Anya engages audiences with insightful perspective on the evolution of learning, education standards and reforms, and how to apply it all to advance one’s purpose.


For Parents: Kids’ Brains & Screens
Melanie Hempe RN, Founder of Families Managing Media

January 31, 2019, Shalom Park, 11:00 am

Melanie Hempe is the Founder and President of Families Managing Media (FMM). With a nursing degree from Emory University, Melanie has spent over six years working with leading researchers and technology experts on the impact of video games, social media and smartphone media on children and families. Her passion for educating families about the dangers of screen addictions and providing practical solutions has made her a sought after expert and speaker through out the United States.  Melanie’s commitment to reconnect families through meaningful interactions and reestablishing balanced use of technology in the home and school is at the heart of FMM.  Melanie knows first-hand the impact of screen addiction on a family and this has led to the development of cutting edge programs from FMM.

Southeast Psych Round Table Discussions for Lunch

Purposeful Parenting:
Dr. Terri James
Dr. Barrie Morganstein


For Teachers and Childcare Professionals:

Managing Good Intentioned Parents While Maintaining Your Sense of Humor
Wendy Mogel, PhD
January 31, 2019, Shalom Park, 11:00 am

Dr. Wendy Mogel

A communication workshop especially designed for professionals in education to address the importance of good communication skills.

Personalized Learning Workshop
January 31, 2019 Shalom Park, 1:15-2:30pm (after lunch)

An interactive hands-on-session on personalized learning strategies for educators to implement in the classroom.

Romain Bertrand is the Senior Manager of Innovative Learning Experiences at BetterLesson. In this role, he oversees the coaching and professional development of hundreds of teachers and leaders nationwide, focusing on personalizing the learning experience for their students by leveraging blended learning.

Before joining the BetterLesson team in 2016, Romain served as a math teacher, both in France where he was born and raised, and in the US. In 2011 he became an Instructional coach at Ranson IB Middle School and one of the first multi-classroom leaders for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. In this role he spearheaded his school’s nationally recognized math blended learning curriculum, a differentiated program that delivered personalized math instruction to each and every middle school student.

He is passionate about providing students and educators with personalized, rich and innovative learning experiences wherever they get a chance to learn or teach. He firmly believes that a zip code should not be the determining factor for learning opportunities.

When Romain is not coaching or delivering professional development experiences, he enjoys traveling and cooking with his family of 4, with always a foot here and a foot in France. He also loves running and playing tennis as well as playing the guitar.